Some of Your Questions

  • The difference between "Kit" and "Assembled doll"
  • The payment method
  • Dispatch of items
  • When items do not arrive
  • Initial failure of items
  • If the patchy patterns had appeared in items
  • If the part has been damaged
  • About sales of individual parts
  • About yellowing
  • About the compensation of items
  • About the contribution to the guest room
  • About the inquiry
There are two kinds of dolls which Alice in Labyrinth sells, "Kit" and "Assembled doll".
"Kit" is only minimum finish given by us, and finish and assemble it by owner's hand.
"Assembled doll", this item is sent out into a fancy box in the state assembled.
Please choose painting and parting line removing as an option.
Payment is possible through PayPal.
We connect you a shipping timetable etc. by e-mail after a payment check.
About the date of delivery Only a head; within two weeks, AiL doll; within four weeks, will be delivered under normal conditions.
It will take still more 1~2 weeks when ordering painting options etc.
Shipping by EMS.
Please give us a connection with the order number.
Although we are inspecting the products carefully, if goods should be damaged or initial failure is seen, please contact us with the order number and a photograph within one week from arrival.
Due to the paint to blend, restrict to a normal color, patchy patterns may come out.
Although we are inspecting the products carefully, if patchy patterns should come out after arrival, please contact us with the order number and a photograph.
Please contact us, if the part has been damaged, however, we can only cope with unexpected breakages without intentional remodeling sanding, cutting etc.
We are not making sales of individual parts other than unexpected breakage.
The resin cast will turn yellow with years pass, due to the preservation state.
Since this is the property of resin it is not a fault, so cannot protect completely, but yellowing is delayable by avoiding ultraviolet rays as much as possible.
Please take care of avoiding direct rays, keeping in a dark place.
If you find any other defects, we will respond free of charge as much as possible within half a year from the arrival of the product.
However, we may ask you to bear the round-trip shipping fee, except for initial defects that you contact us within one week of arrival.
Also, please note that we will not be able to respond if processing such as shaving is done.
Please send us the picture of comparatively large size in the contribution.
Please attach the owner name, the Doll name, the painting artist, nationality, etc.
We will post together.
Moreover, we also post the link to your HP and SNS.
Please ask directly from the icon of mail at the bottom of the page.